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Custom Tailored Industry Solutions | Xtendly Verticals
Travel & Tourism

Traditional tour agencies are a thing of the past. Free and Independent Travelers (FIT’s) from around the world are who everyone’s going after. And, online advertising and SEO aren’t cheap. Our industry experience, technology and methods will
help you get the results you need to grow your business.

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Health & Wellness Industry Solutions
Health & Wellness

Your brand, the customer experience and your area of expertise are a key part of your success. With construction build-out and high rent expenses, acquiring new customers has to go beyond good foot traffic. Our industry tailored technology and approach will help you get found and increase online bookings.

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Custom Tailored Health Industry Solutions | Xtendly Verticals
Startup and tech Industry Solutions
Startup & Tech

Competition is fierce, budgets are bootstrapped and time is critical. Some of the fastest growing software and start-up companies depend on us to reach their goals. We’ll take our experience, on-going research and specialized marketing technology stack to identify the right channels to help your tech business skyrocket.

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